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Quiz 1

Question 1

___________ is concerned with perspectives of right and proper conduct and involves an evaluation of actions on the basis of some broader cultural context or religious standard.

Ethical conduct

Community standards



Question 2

Robert runs into the office, unprepared and frustrated because he is late for his weekly appointment with his first client of the day. He is consistently late for his appointments and his behavior is:





Question 3

James and Mary were in counseling for marital problems. The counselor decided to meet each partner in an individual session before meeting them as a couple. James confided that he was HIV-positive and was not going to tell his spouse because she would know that he had been unfaithful. The counselor decided to break confidentially after attempts to encourage James to inform his wife of his condition were unsuccessful. The counselor’s action:

was illegal and may result in sanctions.

may be considered ethical, yet the practitioner could be in violation of a legal standard.

was unethical since confidentiality was broken.

was ethical and meets the American Counseling Association standard regarding contagious diseases which states that practitioners must report when a client is HIV positive.

Question 4

Elizabeth, a beginning practitioner, counsels in a manner in which she merely acts in compliance with the law and follows minimal ethical standards. She is at the first level of ethical functioning, which is:

personal ethics.

aspiration ethics.

mandatory ethics.

basic ethics.

Question 5

The basic purpose of professional codes of ethics is to:

educate professionals about sound ethical conduct, provide a mechanism for professional accountability and serve as a catalyst for improving practice.

protect professionals from lawsuits.

set standards that will be understood and enforced across all cultures.

enhance the image of the helping professions.

Question 6

A formal complaint was filed against Harry for sexually harassing a female client. A repeat offender, he was previously warned that a major sanction would be imposed if he continued his unethical actions. The ethics committee of the professional association to which he belongs recommended that Harry:

be on probation during his entire career.

resign from his job.

work without supervision on his word that he will not harass any client again.

be expelled from the organization.

Question 7

The counselor who asks the questions “Am I doing what is best for my client?” rather than “Is this situation unethical?” is functioning from which of the following ethical perspectives?

Principle ethics

Virtue ethics

Value ethics

Practical ethics

Question 8

Virtuous professionals:

are motivated to do what is right because they feel obligated.

function within their professional code of ethics because they fear the consequences if they do not.

possess vision and discernment, which involves sensitivity, judgment, and understanding and leads to decisive ethical actions.

typically focus on moral issues with the goals of solving a particular dilemma.

Question 9

Richard is counseling a male Asian client and is encouraging him to go to college even though he is expected to take care of his aging parents.Richard is violating the following basic moral principle in making  ethical decisions:





Question 10

Jan, an incest survivor, is covered for six sessions by her insurance. Her counselor is in private practice and knows that Jan needs more sessions. She decides to offer Jan her services pro bono. In making the ethical decision to ensure that her client has equal access to services, the counselor is using the basic moral principal of:





Question 11

Expulsion or suspension of members from professional associations:

is a major sanction.

cannot be appealed.

is often reported in the journals of the professional associations.

All of the choices

a and c

Question 12

In an attempt to convince her young client to practice safe sex, Valerie fabricated her own statistics and facts about the hazards of unprotected sex. In this instance, Valerie violated the principle of:





Question 13

Which of the following models of ethical decision making focuses primarily on the social aspects of decision making and redefines the process as being interactive rather than intrapsychic?

social constructionist model

transcultural integrative model

feminist model

sociocultural model

Question 14

The authors have discovered that many of the issues relevant to beginning professionals

resurface and take on different meanings at various stages in a professional’s life.

are no longer relevant as they gain clinical experience.

originate from neurotic complexes.

are more intense for school counselors as opposed to clinical community counselors and rehabilitation counselors.

Question 15

The authors state their positions throughout the text in order to

sway you to adopt their views since they have expertise.

help you develop your own position on a variety of ethical and professional issues.

model the correct way of thinking about ethical matters.

both a and c

Question 16

0 out of 4 points

Why is it imperative for you to become familiar with the guiding principles of the ethics codes and accepted standards of practice of your profession?

To receive an A in your ethics course.

To avoid your malpractice insurance premiums from skyrocketing.

To protect the welfare of your clients.

To enhance your persona as a professional.

Question 17

Responsible practice requires that you

exercise informed, sound, and responsible judgment.

demonstrate a willingness to consult with colleagues.

keep yourself up to date through reading and continuing education.

All of the choices.

Question 18

According to the text, which of the following would not be considered a professional mental health worker?


Social worker

Rehabilitation counselor

Community worker

None of the choices

Question 19

Which of the following statements is not true with regard to specialty guidelines?

They are available to cover areas not adequately addressed by the general ethics codes.

Guidelines for psychological practice with older adults is one of the APA’s specialty guidelines.

The APA produced record keeping guidelines.

The NASW has not yet produced specialty guidelines to supplement their ethics codes.

Question 20

Which of the following statements is true with regard to ethical codes?

Issues can be handled solely by relying on ethics codes.

Conflicts sometimes emerge within ethics codes as well as among various organizations’ codes.

Ethics codes tend to be proactive rather than reactive.

Codes do not conflict with institutional policies and practices.

Question 21

When practitioners weigh multiple and often competing demands and goals, they must use

their attorneys to help them work through ethical issues.

their former advisors as sounding boards.

their professional judgment.

common sense.

Question 22

The major duties of regulating boards include which of the following?

Determining standards for admission into the profession

Screening applicants applying for certification or licensure

Regulating the practice of psychotherapy for the public good

Conducting disciplinary proceedings involving violations of standards of professional conduct as defined by law

All of the choices

Question 23

When a complaint is lodged against a member of a professional organization, the ethics committee

launches an investigation and deliberates on the case, eventually reaching a disposition.

always dismisses specific charges within the complaint.

imposes sanctions nine times out of ten.

transfers the case to law enforcement.

Question 24

When practitioners devote a portion of their professional time and skills to services for which there is no expectation of significant financial return, they are

using a sliding scale.

being financially irresponsible.

providing pro bono services.

suffering from a martyr complex.

Question 25

Autonomy refers to

the promotion of self-determination.

the freedom of clients to be self-governing within their social and cultural framework.

the act of increasing client dependency.

both a and b.




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