1. which of the following is not a class of essential

1. Which of the following is not a class of essential nutrient?
a. Dietary supplements
b. Carbohydrates
c. Lipids
d. Minerals

2. Which of the following statements about the nutrient composition of the American diet is true?
a. It contains too little protein
b. It contains too little carbohydrate
c. It contains too little fat
d. It contains too many calories

3. A kcalorie is a measure of
a. Heat energy
b. Fat in food
c. Nutrients in food
d. Sugar and fat in food

4. Which of the following nutrients can directly supply energy for human use?
a. Lipids and oils
b. Fiber
c. Vitamins
d. Minerals

5. Gram for gram, which provides the most energy?
a. Carbohydrates
b. Proteins
c. Alcohol
d. Fats

6. Which of the following yield greater than 4 kcalories per gram?
a. Plant fats
b. Plant carbohydrates
c. Plant proteins
d. Animal proteins

7. Which of the following contain no calories?
a. Alcohol
b. Proteins
c. Carbohydrates
d. Vitamins

8. Which one of the following is a carbohydrate?
a. apples
b. chicken
c. potatoes
d. both a and c

9. Which of the following is a protein?
a. apples
b. chicken
c. potatoes
d. both a and c

10. Which of the following is a lipid?
a. oils
b. fat
c. cholesterol
d. all the above

11. Fats:
a. Regulate body temperature b. protect organs
c. produce energy d. All of the Above

12. Water is _____ of a person’s total body weight.
a. 40% b. 65%-75%
c. 10% – 20% d. None of the above

13. When looking at the ingredient label of a bottled spaghetti sauce, you see that olive oil is the second ingredient. This means that
a. Olive oil is the second ingredient by alphabetical listing
b. Olive oil is just one of the ingredients present in the sauce
c. Olive oil is the second ingredient by weight
d. Olive oil is the second ingredient by amount present in the sauce

14. How many kcalories are provided by a 2-oz brownie with icing? Its nutrient composition is 1g of protein, 5g of fat, and 15g of carbohydrates
a. 89
b. 109
c. 84
d. 159

15. Which of the following provides the most kcalories?
a. 5g carbohydrate
b. 3g fat
c. 4g protein
d. 2g alcohol

16. One-half of a mashed potato with milk contains 2g of protein, 1g of fat, and 14g of carbohydrate. What percentage of the total kcalorie content is provided by carbohydrates
a. 19%
b. 72%
c. 82%
d. 77%

17. True or False: A nutrition facts label can list 0 grams of fat even if the food does in fact contain some fat.
a. true
b. false

18. True or False: Food labels are more important for some people than others, and in some cases, they may be the difference between life and death!
a. true
b. false

19. When reading a food label, what information do most nutrition professionals recommend you look at FIRST?
a. Fat content
b. Serving size
c. Vitamin content
d. Calories

20. True or False: Food labels list ingredients in the order of most to least healthful.
a. true
b. false

21. True or False: One function of protein is to carry oxygen.
a. true
b. false

22. A concentric action occurs when:
a. Sufficient tension is developed in a muscle to cause shortening
b. Tension is developed in a muscle but outside forces cause it to lengthen
c. Calcium is pumped into the sarcoplasmic reticulum
d. No movement occurs in the muscles

23. An eccentric action occurs when:
a. Sufficient tension is developed in a muscle to cause shortening
b. Tension is developed in a muscle but outside forces cause it to lengthen
c. Calcium is pumped into the sarcoplasmic reticulum
d. No movement occurs in the muscles

24. The hormone responsible for stimulating muscle synthesis and recovery during sleep is:
a. Melatonin
b. Estrogen
c. HGH
d. Testosterone

25. The hormone responsible for stimulating muscle metabolism and increasing the force of contraction during a sudden crisis is:
a. epinephrine
b. thyroid hormone
c. growth hormone
d. testosterone

26. The type of skeletal muscle fibers that have low fatigue resistance are:
a. Fast fibers
b. Slow fibers
c. Intermediate fibers
d. Type 1 fibers

27. An example of an activity that requires anaerobic endurance is:
a. A 50 yard dash
b. A 3 mile run
c. A 10 mile bicycle ride
d. Running a marathon

28. Athletes training to develop anaerobic endurance perform:
a. Few, long, relaxing workouts
b. A combination of weight training and marathon running
c. Frequent, brief, intensive workouts
d. Stretching, flexibility, and relaxation exercises

29. Which of the following are specific joint movements?
a. flexion b. Adduction
c. hyperextension d. All of the above

30. Skeletal muscle:
a. is a voluntary muscle b. consist of muscle fibers
c. contains connective tissue d. all of the above


31. Muscle length changes during isometric movements.

32. Concentric movement shortens the muscle.

33. Most adults need eight hours of sleep each night.

34. Restoration and growth take place during the deepest sleep stages.

35. If an individual is awakened during stage one of NREM, he or she will often deny that he or she was sleeping.

36. Although dreams may occur in all stages of sleep, they generally happen in stages three and four of NREM sleep.

37. When dreaming, an individual has periods of no muscle tone or movement, except for eyes, diaphragm, nasal membranes, and erectile tissue.

38. Memory can be impaired from missing the long REM sleep periods that come later in the sleep cycle.

39. Sleepwalking occurs during non-REM sleep.

40. Typically, an individual experiences one sleep cycle each night.

41. Sleeping one hour less than your body needs each night over a week’s time is equivalent to staying up all night.

42. Attempting to cancel sleep debt on the weekends is a viable solution to decreasing weekday sleep deprivation.

43. Chronic insomnia is usually rather simple to treat.

44. Nicotine from tobacco is a stimulant that can enhance sleep.

45. It takes five or six hours for an individual’s core body temperature to drop after vigorous exercise and induce drowsiness and deeper sleep.

46. One should avoid eating within two hours of bedtime, particularly meals with high fat content.

47. An individual napping more than 45 minutes will be less groggy than an individual napping 15-20 minutes.

48. Melatonin is naturally secreted by the pineal gland in response to darkness; it lowers body temperature and causes drowsiness.

49. With advancing age, people experience reduction in total REM sleep.

50. More than a million patients are injured as a result of medical errors each year; many of these injuries are associated with chronic sleep deprivation.

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